لكل مناسبه صوره من تصفيفه الشعر وحلاقه ليكون دائما مثاليه للشعر : الموقع يحتوي علي عدد كبير من الصور حول قصات الشعر والأزياء والتخفيضات ، لتخيل الشعرة بطرق مختلفه الف. اتخاذ جديلة من تسريحات الشعر المختلفة ، ونري كيف يمكن للآخرين ارتداء شعره يمكن استخدامها للحصول علي أفكار جديده لأنفسهم. انظر إلى الصورة ، فانه يغير شعرك.

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28 Jan 20
Master Cordless by Andis

MOROCUTTI - Master Cordless by Andis icona delle tosatrici americane ora nelle mani dei barbieri italiani

MOROCUTTI azienda di BRESCIA, leader nella distribuzione di attrezzature e prodotti per parrucchieri ed estetiste, presenta Master® Cordless Li by Andis tosatrice cordless con caratteristiche innovative.

Master Cordless by Andis barber


• Stile iconico per i fan della Master a filo
• Motore ad alta velocità che taglia i capelli sia bagnati
che asciutti | 7,200 SPM
• Alloggiamento in alluminio infrangibile per custodire
a lungo l’affidabilità e lo stile della tosatrice
• La tecnologia a velocità costante evita strappi
ai capelli o l’arresto della lama
• La batteria agli ioni di litio offre 90 minuti di autonomia;
ricarica completa in 60 minuti
• Molto più leggera della Master a filo
• La leva laterale regola la lunghezza di taglio
da 0,5 a 2,4 mm
• Design cord/cordless per una maggiore flessibilità di utilizzo
• Elegante base di ricarica

logo morocutti
28 Jan 20

Find put the latest hair collection, called “Bugs”, made by “Juan Ayoso” international hairstylist from ES.

Ph: Fraco Álvarez
Make-up: Carmen Ballesteros
Stylist: Norma Azucena


28 Jan 20

Permage is created by the King of Balayage and Schwarzkopf Professional, Global BlondeMe Ambassador, JACK HOWARD.

Permage is a dual colour service which curls the hair using Curlformers and lightens a few pieces to frame the face.

Watch Tutorial VIDEO here:

27 Jan 20

L’Oreal Professionnel for 2020 changes everything about MAJIREL except its iconic formula

Same iconic formula

Highly concentrated in caring agents and Ionene G Hair is 45% more conditioned after colour, perfect coverage, true to tone, long lasting colours, creamy non-dripping texture.

New cool inforced shades

Large colour palette with 8 new cool shades, up to 6 weeks of neutralisation, boosted in cool reflects.

l oreal majirel packaging 2020

New Design

Colour coded pack by colour family, shade number on the facing, new 100% recycled plastic cap, saving 7 tons of plastic each year.

tinte l oreal
24 Jan 20
debbie webster sassoon

SASSOON has welcomed Debbie Webster as their new CEO. Debbie has over 40 years’ experience in the industry and her business insight, unique ability to sense opportunity and strong understanding of the Sassoon brand, making her uniquely suited to accelerate the growth and transformation of Sassoon in 2020 and beyond.

“I love the spirit and passion of Sassoon and I’m proud and thrilled to accept this position to continue the incredible legacy that Vidal created.”

Debbie Webster

“On our 65th anniversary Sassoon is once again an independent company. Under Debbie’s stewardship Sassoon is in safe and transformative hands and will continue to be one of the truly great hair brands in the world. We are fortunate to gain a leader with Debbie’s experience, talent and vision,”

Michael Reinstein, founder and chairman of Regent LP

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